Aten mini
Full name Aten Din
Alias Poof (by Quill), Sunny(by Sehkmet)
Gender Male
Age 23
Species Hybrid (Sphynx/Dragon)
Sub-Species Half-Mirror
Sexuality Sexual
Occupation Leader of a crime syndicate, pretty much lord of all he surveys
Status Alive
Allignment Lawful Evil


Height: 3'9 (slightly taller then the avarage mobian)

Build: Slender, with somewhat wide hips for a boy

Main color: Black

Markings: Has some golden stripes running horizontally over his back, white muzzle

Skin color: white

Eye style and color: Slightly angular and bright gold with lizard like slitted pupils

Hair/Quil/Dread style: Short hair that is soft and poofy with a few bangs draping around his face

Other noticeable features:

Small black curved horns growing out from behind his ears

Overall clothing style:

Dresses in red and golds, usualy preffering ellegantly cut coats and anything that looks fancy and enhances his status really.



  • Power
  • Fancy things
  • 'Collecting' people
  • Being in control
  • Surounding himself with powerful and influential individuals


  • Being disobeyed
  • People gushing at him
  • Having to personaly resort to violence
  • Lacking control
  • Poverty

Fav drink:

Black Label Wiskey

Fav food:



  • Entitled
  • Confident
  • Dominant
  • Sadistic
  • Suffering, Chaos and Pain of others are like an intoxicating drug due to his mirror heritage
  • Has a firm control over his outward emotions
  • Ruthless
  • Generous to those he finds deserving
  • Narcistic
  • Manipulative
  • Greedy
  • Protective of what he feels belongs to him

Abilities and SkillsEdit


  • Voice Powers - Can pretty much control peoples actions with his voice, It's very hard to resist but easily blocked by a set of ear plugs, you know, if you can get them in on time
  • Life energy drain - Can rip chunks out of peoples life energy basically pulling their very life essence out of them and use it to heal himself.
  • Sword Mastery - Has been getting fencing lessons since he was 8
  • Basic hand to hand combat - taught to him by his father.


  • Any weaknesses mirrors have - doesn't do well around holy magic, though isn't as badly effected as full blood mirrors
  • Can be over confident
  • Rellies on others to deffend him more often then not.


  • -

Character RelationshipsEdit


Name Relation Age Gender Notes
Sehkmet Din Mother 47 Female Gets along well with his mother though he left when he was a teenager. Has a decent relationship with her born of mutual respect and wouldn't even concider doing anything that might harm her.
Ra Din Father unknown Male His father and where he gets his mirror genes from. Respects him and was taught his hand to hand combat skills by him, as well as some valuable life lessons about biding you time and how to best extract revenge. Just what every little prince needs.
Nails jokull Step Mother unknown Female Tolerates her in a sense but doesn't really bother being overly nice, tending to leave little barbs and jibes that get him scolded by sehkmet. 
Quill Striker Step Sister 25 Female Has more of a hate/love relationship with her. Thinks she's sensible but hates her domineering attitude. Quite enjoys making her work for him, feeling its a well over due payback for her ribbings during their childhood.
Talon Jokull Step Brother 24 Male He really really doesn't like Talon, which dates way back to when they were kids and Talon tried to push him around. Thinks he's a terrible crybaby and hates his defiant attitude.Wants to crush him and break him bone for bone, the only thing stopping him being his promise to sehkmet not to kill him.
Spike Jokull Step Brother 23 Male The only one out of his stepsiblings he gets along with. Left the hidden palace with him when they where teenagers and mantains a working relationship with him that mutualy beneficial
Bastet Din Aunt unknown Female His mothers Mirror and in a sense his fathers sister. Never really met her but heared enough about her to know that both his parents would looove her dead, and who would he be not to bring them her head on a platter if he had the chance?
Serketh Sephtis Cousin 23 Female Born around the same time he was to his aunt. Has only met her once and helped save her life. Is curious about her and feels some form of ownership. But she's pretty much terrified of him.
Nehkbet Sephtis Cousin 8 Female Hasn't actualy met her yet.
Anubis Din Cousin 23 Male Son of his mothers brother Horus,Hasn't met him


Name Age Gender Notes
Specks 20-ish? Female One of the people in his charge, tends to contact him a lot since he put her in charge of the legionaires. Not completely happy about it but eh.
Yaiko 'Jay' Bellos 22 Male Yaiko is the son of a bat named Jokoh, who used to keep most of the strays and homeless fed and united untill he came along and improved its orginisation. Very loyal to him and one of his best scouts
Mearna Kuskal 24 Female A powerful half demon that usualy functions as his muscle and body guard, currently loaning her to Spike as a body guard.
Veto Laerno unknown Male A lesser demon with a knack for book keeping and magic. Usualy the other half of his security but loaning him to spike as well at the moment.


Name Age Gender Notes
COBRA - - They've always been a big bother on the island and now they actualy have the gal to show up in his city? bad move
Yu-Mei of the House of Gemini 24 Female ex girlfriend who keeps punching him and knocking him out when ever they run into eachother, which gets tedius and old really really fast. Still counts her as one of his possessions and a very prized one at that and would give his left wing to get her back under his control.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

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