Bishop 2015
Full name Petyr Goodfellow
Alias Bishop, Little monster Man(by Icy)
Gender Male
Age 37 ((appears 20-ish))
Species European Badger
Sub-Species Vampire
Sexuality Hetero (surprisingly)
Occupation Professional third Wheel and former demon hunter
Status Undead
Allignment Neutral


Height: 3'8ft (about avarage mobian height)

Build: Lean and Wiry

Main color: A very light golden bronzish color

Markings: light whitish yellow muzzle,eyelids,Belly and Hands and feet

Skin color: whitish cream

Eye style and color: Slightly angular and greyish blue in color

Hair/Quil/Dread style:

Used to wear it long and in a pony tail, has since cut it short , with messy bangs and slightly fluffed upwards in the back

Other noticeable features:

Always wears some form of shades, usually the color of the shades match the colors of his outfit

Overall clothing style:

Used to wear a classic priest coat with white collar. Now he mostly wears more 'casually sophisticated' clothes.



  • Books
  • Quiet
  • Being left to his own devices
  • Theology (though that's kind of hard to study these days
  • Helping others


  • Not being able to be what he wants to be
  • Fanaticism (like MAIA)
  • Being told what he should be or do
  • Being a Vampire
  • Uncertainty

Fav drink:

Used to be latte machiato, but since becoming a vampire anything that isn't blood tastes like dead ashes

Fav food:

Used to be pumpkin pie, but again since becoming a vampire anything that isn't blood tastes like dead ashes


  • Loyal
  • Kind
  • Bitingly sarcastic when annoyed
  • Holds onto grudges for a long time
  • Moral
  • Self Sacrificing
  • Brave
  • Can be a bit of a Martyr in attitude
  • Mostly acts rather bitter and grumpy, mostly because he was frustrated with being a vampire
  • Chivalrous
  • White knight syndrome

Abilities and SkillsEdit


  • Fast Healer - given enough blood in his system he heals right fast
  • Above avarage speed, strenght and stamina - from being a vampire


  • Any weaknesses that vampires have applies to him too
  • Soft hearted and unwilling to drink blood from the source


  • -

Character RelationshipsEdit


Name Relation Age Gender Notes
Thomas Goodfellow Father Deceased Male Looked up to his dad a lot. He was a big fellow and a lumberjack by trade. Respected him for his strenght and laid back personality and his sense of communal wellfare
Anna Lockheart/Goodfellow Mother Deceased Female His mother was a short matronly woman who was the type to organise charity runs. She was a housewife and always baking something or looking after her gaggle of kids.
Jackly Goodfellow Older Brother Deceased Male Got along with him about as well as brothers can. Tended to tease him and give him a good ribbing. Tended to butt heads with his dad on occasion.
Merrideth Goodfellow Older Sister Deceased Female Merridith took after her mother a lot, rosy cheeked and a little plump with a ready smile. She was pretty much like a second mother and gave him some reprive from Jackly's ribbings.
Lisanne Goodfellow Younger Sister Deceased Female Lisanne took after her father more in terms of height and at 14 was about a head bigger then her mother and older sister. He didn't interact with her as much as with his other siblings
Soraiah Goodfellow Younger Sister 27 Female Hasn't seen her since she was only 6 of age. Doesn't even know she's still alive.


Name Age Gender Notes
Gwendolyn 'Gwen' Deaderose 27 Female The vampire who turned him. Hated her guts for the first few years afterwards but that slowly turned in a strange kind of understanding which eventualy lead to a rather strange friendship. Their current relationship is well...a bit complicated. Would probably die to deffending her though.
Raziel Tartaros unknown Male Not sure how he got involved with him and gwenn. Sort of pitties him for his awful family relationship. Thinks he's ok enough, sort of reminds him of his older brother in some aspects. Which might account for his willingness to accept the manticore as a friend.
Obsidian Striker 36 Male Can you really call him a friend? Kind of met him through accompanying Gwenn to her brothers place. Obsidian has the annoying tendancy to be nosy and tries to get him to be a little more outgoing. Which landed him in the middle of the redlight district, with a crossdressing hyena trying to foist whores on him
Gaby ? Male The crossdressing Hyena and Obsidians partner in crime when it comes to being nosy about other peoples sex lives. Friendly enough though, most times...


Name Age Gender Notes
MAIA n/a n/a An orginisation hell bend on exterminating any immortals. Concidering he kind of falls into that catagory now and he has no intention of dying(well anymore then he already has). That puts them on his enemies list.
Icy 35 Female Getting tortured to a point of near death by her kind of puts her there on the enemies list. Though she was more gwens enemy then anything. Offered to turn him into a mortal again in return for him leading her to gwenn. Refused her offer out of a sense of loyalty. Also made him drain a child to death. He really isn't happy about that.
Cassandra 'Faith' Sommervale 34 Female Formerly a friend and someone he concidered almost like a little sister. Was training to be a demon hunter alongside him and partnered up with him a few times. What love she had for him turned into bitterness and hatred after he got turned and didn't commit suicide. Not only that but was loyal to the one that bit him and romantically involved to some extend. She got turned by gwenn when she tried to kill him.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Was originally created to be a human character
  • Was suposed to be a demon hunter buuut got turned by the vampire he was hunting the first time I roleplayed him, so, so much for that 8D;
  • Faith and Bishop's codenames follow the same theme as a show of connection