Eon 2015
Full name Eon Amris
Alias -
Gender Male
Age Unknown, Very old
Species Dragon
Sexuality Bi-sexual
Occupation Cult Master
Status Alive
Allignment Lawful Evil


Height:  3"8

Build: Sleek and slender

Main color: White

Markings: none

Skin color: white

Eye style and color: Triangular shape with yellow lizard like eyes

Hair/Quil/Dread style: 'Cleopatra' hair cut with black streaks in it

Other noticeable features: Two line running from his eyes to his cheeks. Only as a singular black horn on the left side of his head

Overall clothing style:

Usualy wears anything that looks classy and slick. Usualy goes for monochromes



  • Classic music
  • Swing Era
  • Anything Classy
  • Violins
  • Ace


  • People taking whats his
  • Uncommon stupidity
  • Loud modern music
  • Feeling useless

Fav drink:

Earl grey tea

Fav food:



  • Sly
  • Cunning
  • Virtuoso
  • Envious
  • Protective
  • Possessive
  • Classy
  • Calm
  • Logical
  • Ruthless
  • Cruel

Abilities and SkillsEdit


  • Incredibly hard to kill, can bend the laws of reality by bloodmagic
  • Can use song spells to mind control people, takes a while to take hold
  • Can produce a super sonic screeching that pops eardrums


  • Holy Magic
  • Song spells take a while to preform


  • Born royalty in ancient egypt
  • Was taken captive during a roman invasion and turned into a slave
  • Changed hands a lot, pretty much spend his entire life being someone's possesion, though none of his 'masters' were ever particularly cruel.
  • That changed about 150 years ago when he changed hands to a cult leader who practiced blood magic
  • Was subjected to many, many rituals, one more gruesome then the next, barely surviving each demon summoning and becoming withdrawn and more broken then a life time of being a possesion had already made him.
  • His 'master' makes the error of summoning the lord Demon of Discordia; Zuul
  • Zuul isn't interested in making a pact with the master but instead offers Eon a pact
  • Seeing a chance of escape and a better life Eon takes the offer
  • Destroys the entire cult with Zuuls help
  • Starts practicing blood magic
  • Eventualy meets a little fennec child in a burned down village named Hasu
  • Rescues him from starvation and gains a loyal bodyguard
  • Finds a stone tablet in the desert describing a way to gain the power of a god
  • Forms the crystal cult, gathering grand masters
  • Starts to find himself quite smitten with one of those grandmasters, Ace
  • Captures Mel and Toxic, tries to turn Mel into a crystal and only half succeeds.
  • Starts a relationship with Ace due to Helena's matchmaking
  • Very happy in that relationship
  • Less happy when Ace decides to take a little revenge on Toxic
  • When Ace decides to ask Eon for a way to 'knock him up'  Eon gives him a method that is prone to backfiring
  • It does
  • Toxic blows himself up, radiation poisoning Ace, causing him to have to stay away from everyone while he's radio active.
  • Jayden, Ace's son, tries to step up and take his place
  • When Eon refuses to give him the position, jayden rapes him
  • Eventualy gets back at Jayden by tricking him into following him into a basement already filled with blood magic, summoning a hellhound and making it rape Jayden in kind
  • Ace returns telling his story
  • Eon uses bloodmagic to throw his own genes into the mix
  • Eventualy Sehkmet and Horus are born
  • Jayden blocks Ace's access to his stored life energy and tell geof to make him attack
  • Ace nearly dies
  • Eon uses blood magic to heal him, but Sade uses holy magic to throw his blood magic off, causing it to kill him
  • Dies in Ace's arms, asking him to sing him to sleep
  • Ace honors the request
  • Eon is reborn deep in the bowels of discordia, but Ace has descended down to get him back
  • Zuul warns Ace that what he wants to take back is no longer the Eon he knew and that he won't even remember him.
  • Ace takes Eon with him regardless.
  • Eon tries to eat Horus when he begins crying
  • Barely restrained by Ace
  • Slowly begins to remember, becoming quite happy and cheerful with his early life memories but quickly deteriorates as he has to relive his entire life's worth of trauma
  • Eventualy remembers everything , though the ordeal has put much strain on his and Ace's relationship especially since he no longer feels love and has instead become even more possesive
  • Meets the kitties when Fangs offers him Seth
  • The kitties fail to deliver but he gives them another chance
  • Sehkmet runs off with the kitties
  • Has to threaten the kitties some more
  • The kitties fail to deliver again and failed to protect Sehkmet.
  • Allows Ace to kill them but they are twarted by geof and death, allowing the kitties to escape
  • Ace dissapears
  • Currently frantically searching all over the place for him
  • Can't find him, but learns his soul has been eaten
  • Goes into a rage and causes a bit of a masacre in his slave stock
  • Once his rage subsides realises Sehkmet and Horus are gone
  • Starts to rethink a few things.
  • Is summoned by Horus through a demon summoning circle
  • Apologizes to Horus and Sehkmet
  • Helps out in translating a scroll which eventually leads to freeing discordia
  • Sehkmets blood magic taint is removed in return
  • Sort of stays with Horus and Sehkmet in the hidden palace, finding out about their new adiction.
  • Decides to just mark the nastier things in the demon books as a ' don't do that I don't care about the rest'
  • Horus goes about his merry way again, talks to sam some more about the twins and his current position
  • Sam suggests he find a way to become mortal
  • He asks Discordia to make him mortal again, she agrees in return for all his memories.
  • Is made mortal but remembers nothing, trying to find a place with his kids and finding that he's more of a burden then anything
  • Mirrors move in and notice how they interact with one another, especialy Ra
  • Tries to confront them and get them to leave, but gets sent to the city of dis by Bastet
  • Is stuck there for quite a bit untill Loss finds him and realising he's not suposed to be there boots him right out in the middle of a desert
  • Is getting pretty sick of his situation and belonging nowhere and not knowing a damn thing
  • Rents a room in The Siren and stays at the inn mostly
  • Has an encounter with himself, but from a different timeline
  • Pretty much gets sense smacked into him... literal on the smacking.
  • Gets a good chunk of his counterparts memories because he figured he was getting pretty darn pathetic
  • Discordia shows up because the zuul from his counterparts dimension is snooping in on the conversation
  • Seriously doubts his counterparts sanity when he decides to stop Discordias angry rant by kissing her.

Character RelationshipsEdit


Name Relation Age Gender Notes
Sehkmet Amris/ Din Daughter 20-ish Female His and Ace's daughter. Mostly doted on her for Ace's sake and because it was the expected 'normal' behaviour. Was more concerned about keeping her out of enemy hands to keep Ace safe more then anything. Genuinely doted on her as a baby before he died and became a demon.
Horus Din Son 20-ish(dead?) Male His and Ace's Son. Kind of thought him a bit brain damaged and not the brightest. Didn't treat him much different then sehkmet and had an extreme protective streak over him when he was younger and found out Sam wasn't an imaginairy friend but another demon. This was probably more territorial behaviour then anything else. Genuinely doted on him as a baby before he died. Blames Toxic's DNA on him not being the brightest.


Name Age Gender Notes
Ace Din Unknown Male He used to be very genuinely smitten with him. In an almost puppy-ish fashion. He idolised Ace, thinking him absolutely beautiful and perfect and even then wanted nothing more then to have him.
Hasu of the Crimson Lotus 28 Male A fennec that despite being 28 still very much looks like a child. He found him half starved and saved him, earning himself the undying loyalty of the young fennec. Hasu used to be Eons ever loyal shadow.
Helena Amora 30 Female A Jackalope and one of his grandmasters. One of the few who seems to have no interest in stabbing him in the back. The woman thrives on love and sex and loves nothing more then to play match maker. She got him and Ace together.
Jonathan Unknown Male Another grandmaster. Concidered an ally and hasn't shown any signs of wanting to kill him or backstab him before.
Zuul Unknown Unknown(dead?) Zuul is the lord demon of Discordia. While adressed in male pronouns, his actual gender is unknown. He saved Eon from slavery and a horrible death by making a pact with him. He currently waits patiently for Eon to give up on a mortal life and to pull him back into the fold.


Name Age Gender Notes
Sade Argus Unknown Male Former grandmaster and the reason he died in the first place. Sade is Argus avatar on the mortal plane and has much of the gods abilities. He usualy carries out Argus will when the god himself can not.
Jayden Din 24 Male Currently a lesser discordian demon and the son of Ace. Jayden has wronged him a lot and was partialy responsible for his death. While Eon doesn't remember much about him, he really wishes to rip him to shreds and likely would upon encountering him.
Geof Striker Unknown Male The bonded of the crystal of death, He's constantly locked in combat with Ace and actively trying to kill him.
Seth Striker and COBRA Unknown Male Seth has the fear crystal and his partner the hate crystal. However they have proven a foe to tough for even Eon and his cult to take on lightly, though he tried through the tigers.
Toxic Vermonde 32 Male An annoying raccoon that gave them a lot of trouble. He nearly killed ace and caused them to fail at turning mel into a crystal completely.
Melody Puralux 36 Male Mother to Jayden, was initially Female but due to their ritual to turn her into a crystal going awry turned male through many events. Also has a tendancy to get in their way.
Fangs 18 Female An annoying tiger that promised him seth and failed to deliver. Then led his daughter into danger and got her severely injured. She still has a contract with him and he intends to cash in on it in 10 years.
Beserker 21 Male Seems attached to Fangs by the hip. Less dense and annoying. Also has a contract with him that he plans to cash in on in 10 years.
Nails Unknown Female Doesn't exactly hate her, but is still angry with her for failing to protect Sehkmet and conciders it a failure on her part and still wishes to punish her for it. It's probably a good thing the whole ace being missing is keeping him busy.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Was originally created as fetish material at Bains request
  • in an AU he actualy took over his former masters position and runs a blood magic cult full of demon summoning and rape and all manner of nightmare fuel (in other words the fetish material)
  • Is played by Bain in that AU
  • Was originaly bronze and gold in color before the bloodmagic twisted his appearance.
  • Also had two horns and wings.