Class: H-type Planet

Diameter: 10.500 Kms

Climate: Arid Desert, High gas and metal vapor content in the atmosphere

Plantlife: Drought and radiation resistant, sparse vedgetation

Animal life: Primarily carnivorous

Sentient species:

  • Desert Scallinger
  • Island Scallinger
  • Antinopods
  • Skelra
  • Nomad Lizards
  • Moyeen


Morteria is made up of one super continent with an arid desert climate and a smaller continent roughly the size of australia that enjoys a more temperate and tropical climate. The planet has very few fresh water sources and the places where water is found is heavily populated. The main water sources being in control of the Desert Scallingers. Desert Scallingers are concidered to be the apex species off the planet, despite not being the only sentient one. Despite an active intergalactic trade with other races and planets, morteria's denizens don't seem to be to far advanced. Most of the technology the planets denizens have has been traded for with other races and only about 1% of the entire population can opperate said technology. Morteria trives on slave trade and crude coliseum style entertainement. Making it popular as a rest stop for those who like to gamble. Despite a ban on slavery on most planets, morteria's slave trade still trives and is responsible for the success of many large cities, which would be unsustainable without the resources coming in from other planets.


Class: M-type planet

Diameter: 12.000 kms

Climate: Temperate

Plantlife: Rich and Varying

Animal life: Rich and varying

Sentient Species:

  • East Mercian Imps
  • West Mercian Imps
  • Lorei