Fyirri 2015 look
Full name Fyirri Temora
Alias Fy
Gender Female
Age 19
Species Fennec
Sub-Species -
Sexuality Hetero
Occupation Clan Leader
Status Alive and Kicking
Allignment Chaotic Neutral


Height: 2"9ft

Build: Lean and well muscled

Main color: Light Navy blue

Markings: Light faded blue to her hands and feet, faded blue belly and faded blue ear tips that have a jigsaw like patern

Skin color: White

Eye style and color: Rounded eyes, yellow in color

Hair/Quil/Dread style: Long lush dark  navy colored hair, either loose or in a high ponytail

Other noticeable features: Her ears are huge and make her look taller then she actualy is

Overall clothing style:

Tribal clothes, always wears the colors red and orange, combined with loads of gold ornaments.



  • Freedom
  • Wide open spaces
  • Deserts
  • Her privacy


  • Being treated like an idiot because of her accent or being illiterate
  • People not getting what she's saying
  • Demons
  • Versil

Fav drink:


Fav food:

What ever's edible


  • Stuborn
  • Cold
  • Distrustful
  • Independant
  • Socialy awkward
  • Straight Forward
  • Curious
  • Home Body
  • Fighter
  • Survivor

Abilities and SkillsEdit


  • Fast and Agile
  • Experienced Sword Dancer
  • Can freeze time in large areas


  • Can't stop time for very long without losing tons of energy
  • Due to her stuborn and mildly agressive nature she takes on foes stronger then her without hesitation
  • Tiny


  • Born in Shaik'Rui to the leaders of the clan of temora
  • Clan got wiped out when she was 8, weither by demons or disease is still an unknown
  • Versil seemed convinced it was demons and set out on a cruisade leaving her with the only other person who survived, an elderly woman
  • Spend her time scavenging and collecting food to feed both the elder and herself, was taught the art of blade dancing by them.
  • Elder died when she was 14, being bitten by a snake, she didn't have a knowledge on healing so she couldn't save them
  • Spend the next 5 years as a hermit before setting out to find Versil
  • Met Holly Celestar on her travels
  • Thinks she's a complete nutjob
  • Met Bishop on her travels
  • Met Cyril on her travels
  • Continues to travel with Bishop following her like a puppy
  • Met the tigers in a central city and helped them get to Celestar clan
  • Continues to search for her brother
  • Finds Versil and has a little shit fit
  • Together they figure out they're not the only ones that survived the anialation of their clan, many of the tainted outcasts did too
  • Rook rears his head and manages to get his hands on them
  • He takes them into a shar hive he controls
  • Fangs gets taken trying to free them
  • Horus gets involved and learns about whats happening in the shar hive
  • Horus turns the tables and Rook has his soul ripped out by the guardian of the styx and taken away by her
  • Yay freedom
  • Trying to convince Versil to return home and rebuild but sort of reluctant to go back herself

Character RelationshipsEdit


Name Relation Age Gender Notes
Versil Temora Brother 25 Male Fyirri's older brother and only surviving family member. She believes he abandoned her and blames him for everything wrong with her life. It's her mission to bring him back to Shaik'Rui and rebuild temora's clan.


Name Age Gender Notes
Bishop - Male A strange green colored wolf she met during her travels. He kind of stuck to her after they initially met and has been helping her find her bother. Sometimes they get seperated for a while but he's always quick to join up again
Fangs 20 Female How can you not concider someone a friend after they risk a fate worse then death to free you. She gets grudging respect points


Name Age Gender Notes
Cyril - Male The black multi tail must die. Nah, not really. she sees him as more of an annoyance then anything and he can be useful at times. Still he's not exactly one of her favorite people and she preffers him to stay away.
Holly Celestar unknown Female Crazy celestar cat who seems to insist on the fact that they are rivals because their clans are. Fyirri really couldn't care less about her, but she'd like one of those annoying yappy dogs that keeps snapping at your ancles.
Reaper Nox Umbra Unknown Male Met him only once and he immidiatly resorted to threatening her. Doesn't like him and likely would have been fighting him(andprobably losing) if Bishop hadn't dragged her away.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Her design is based on a fursona design I used for myself for a little bit
  • Her name can't be found in any name database as I came up with it myself
  • Her name is also a username I used a lot and still do because its never taken
  • Has more friends and relations in the R2M AU but a page on that wont be made untill all characters have been put in the wiki.
  • Pink - long way to happy lyrics

    Pink - long way to happy lyrics