Geof Striker
Geof 2015 look
Full name Geoffery Gregorious Striker
Alias The mobian Grimreaper, Grouch, Blacky, Geoffy
Gender Male
Age Unknown Appears in his late 20's
Species Hedgehog
Sub-Species -
Sexuality Bi Sexual, leaning strongly towards women
Occupation Grim Reaper, Earns cash on the side by being a card dealer in a casino
Status Alive
Allignment Chaotic Neutral


Height:  3"8ft

Build:  Lean and toned

Main color: Dark Grey

Markings:  Yellow

Skin color: Tan

Eye style and color: Triangular and Yellow

Hair/Quil/Dread style: 6 quills swept forward, two framing his face the others arching down smoothly. Messy long bangs.

Other noticeable features: Scar over his left eye

Overall clothing style: Geof has a thing for coats, though he'll often wear a cloak. Usualy his arms and legs are protected by bracers



  • Quiet
  • Coffee
  • His family (to an extend)
  • Fighting
  • Guns (has a secret love for them)


  • Obnoxious people
  • Being told what to do
  • The Crystal cult
  • Working overtime
  • Water

Fav drink:


Fav food:



  • Grumpy
  • Overbearing
  • Protective
  • Controlling
  • Loyal
  • Short Tempered
  • Snarky
  • Sarcastic
  • Violent when angered
  • Mildly Xenophobic
  • Racist towards Echidna's
  • Proud
  • Stuborn
  • Instinct Driven
  • High IQ, Low EQ

Abilities and SkillsEdit


  • Can't die(permanently) as long as the crystal around his neck is intact
  • Can Control shadows to do almost anything he want
  • Can pull peoples souls from their bodies
  • Can leech off and return life energy to people
  • Physically strong


  • Any temperature below 40F or 5 C will make him sluggish, sleepy and when sustained will sent him into suspended animation.
  • He doesn't dodge or deffend, trying to deal more damage then he receives.
  • If you shatter the crystal he loses the ability to leech and return life energy, pull souls from bodies and he'll die permanently if you kill him.


  • Born in the zone of shadows
  • Due to being born with powers was concidered a mutant and sent to live outside the safety of Hope City and therefor exposed to the chaos radiation that consumed the planet
  • Managed to zone hop to the tri zone (aka the standard rp universe who doesn't fit any paticular canon)
  • Chaos radiation manifests itself in a unstable genetic make up that enables split personalities to manifest in physical form.
  • Lived with desert nomads for a while
  • Got kicked out of the community after 'stealing' their artifact (Death's Crystal and Scythe). Made a deal with Death's spirit making it impossible to return the artifact
  • Met DJ
  • Met Spike
  • Met Holly
  • Met Ruby
  • Married Ruby
  • Met Derek
  • Gave him some assistance trying to destroy the world and all that jazz
  • Met Lisa
  • Met Dante
  • Hates his flirty, overpowered, holier then thou ass
  • Humiliation manifests itself as the beginnings of his antagonism towards echidnas
  • Obsidian and Opal are Born
  • Meets Bain during one of his rampages, gets his ass kicked and hauled off for some 'reprogramming' to turn him into a person capable of functioning in society without killing anyone who looks at him wrong.
  • Splits Seth due to the stress this puts on him, completely shedding his 'Evil intend'
  • Gives Obsidian to spike to mentor as Spike insists his son is some sort of chosen one and requires training
  • Spike eventualy pits an 8 year old obsidian against 2 very powerful adults and doesn't do a thing when obsidian almost dies, even going as far to keep geof from interfering and helping him.
  • Obsidian survives, incinerating one oponent completely and destroying the arm of the other in a desperation driven burst of energy
  • Geof takes Obsidian far away from Spike and refuses any an all contact with his old friend from that point.
  • Divorces Ruby after she cheats on him
  • Is enlisted as one of many grimreapers and charged with escorting souls to the other side thanks to the powers coming from being bonded with Death
  • Eventualy end up getting together with Lisa
  • Seiji and Fente are born
  • Mikki is born
  • Lisa is killed
  • Moves in with bain to get his help with raising the kids.
  • Tries to help DJ with his amnesia, ends up 50 shades of uncomfortable and unsure about his sexuality
  • Fente leaves, seeking power through Spiral, Spike's brother.
  • Minor scuffles and encounters with Derek
  • Living in emerald coast, very uneventful
  • Scuffles and encounters with Derek turn into something more
  • Sticks around him in a sort of friends with benefits deal
  • Splits GS
  • Decides that he's sick of having his soul broken into pieces and being 'incomplete' and starts hunting down all splits to try and kill them
  • Gets forced into a very uncomfortable situation by bain
  • Splits Aegus
  • Meets Gwen
  • Whoops one night stand thing
  • Gibson, Cane, Fey and Layla are born
  • Gibson and Cane are given to namah to take care of
  • Fey and Layla are given to Will to take care of
  • Get into scuffles with Ace from the crystal cult
  • Meets Mel
  • Helps Mel by teaching her how to leech off life energy to be better able to fight off becoming a crystal spirit
  • More Ace scuffles
  • Ends up helping Toxic and Darkness to kill Ace once and for all
  • Crystal ends up shattered because of toxic
  • Gets a 1 way trip to discordia with Toxic and Darkness as a result
  • Crystal is eventualy restored.
  • Meets Fangs when she nearly dies at COBRA'S hands
  • Saves her and Beserker
  • Ends up fighting them later when they try to capture Seth and hand him to Eon
  • Has a temporary alliance with Seth
  • Follows the tigers when they report to Eon
  • Tries to use the opportunity to kill Ace and Eon
  • Fails when Death frees himself from the crystal and reclaims his scythe
  • Tries to adjust to using his guns again but decides to commission a new scythe
  • Does the no Pants dance with Nails.
  • Has Nails stay at his hidey hole for a while not sure why she had to stay there acording to holly
  • Nails leaves hidey hole
  • Quil is born
  • Nails goes off and does stupid shit with a dark god
  • Watches Pitch kill fangs and beserker, not stepping in to save them, telling them he's fresh out of get out of death free cards.
  • Nails releases afformentioned dark god, causing Argus the god of balance to declare a free for all amongst the gods in order to recapture and seal said dark god.
  • Pandora, godess of evil, releases a lot of malevolent dead people from the bowels of hell. Fangs amongst them.
  • Nails dissapears off the face of the earth, due to the dark god Nega carting her around for her own protection, as she's his avatar, causing Sehkmet to be stuck with Quill and her half brother Talon
  • Seeing this as a bad idea Geof takes the two toddlers in, seeing as he's Quills father.
  • Tries to find Pravus the lord demon residing over the styx from which pandora released most people amongst which Fangs
  • Ends up just pestering Bafalaut instead.
  • Gets mildly traumatised by Bafalaut
  • Figures that if bafalaut doesn't do anything he'll just sick holly on him
  • Has an encounter with Chocolate, Gueton and Jason which turns into an awkward teaparty and quickly develops in 'what the hell is going on I don't even know anymore'
  • Encounters nails, telling her he took custody of her children, she joins him to go see them.
  • She tries to seperate Quill and Talon because of Quills forcefullness towards Talon.
  • In a burst of temper quill attacks her using icepowers, this backfires at her,
  • Spends most of the night trying to keep Quill warm and alive.

Character RelationshipsEdit


Name Relation Age Gender Notes
Bain Ryan Striker Brother Unknown Male More like adopted brother in a sense as they don't share a drop of blood. However Bain gave Geof his last name and played a big part in making him the person he is today
Jacen Celestar Nephew 23 Male Bains Eldest Son. Mostly spends his time at his mothers place so doesn't interact with him much
Roya Celestar Niece 17 Female Bains Youngest Daughter. Also spends most of her time at her mothers place and doesn't interact with him much
Obsidian Striker Son 36 Male Obsidian is Geof's eldest son and twin brother to Opal. Their relationship is strained with geof wanting to be closer and Obsidian wanting as little to do with him as possible
Opal Striker Daughter 36 Female Geof's eldest daughter and twin sister to Obsidian. She's a flighty thing and not the brightest bulb in the box, but very enthusiastic and bubbly. Her and geof's relationship is as good as it can be with her living with ruby.
Seiji Striker Son 23 Male Seiji is the first child between geof and lisa along with his twin sister Fente. His relationship with geof is ok enough.
Fente Striker Daughter 23 Female Twin sister to Seiji. Fente got it into her head that power is all that matters in this world and sold her soul to the devil in all but the literal sense. Geof disowned her.
Mikki Striker Daughter 18 Female The youngest daughter between him and Lisa. Mikki has always been coddled and spoiled having the best relationship with her father out of all her sibblings.
Gibson Striker Son N/A Male Never met, lives in Namah's care
Cane Striker Son N/A Male Never met, lives in Namah's care
Fey Deaderose Daughter N/A Female Never met, lives in Will's care
Layla Deaderose Daughter N/A Female Never met, lives in Will's care
Quill Striker Daughter 2 Female First child that isn't a purebred hedgehog, taking after her mother and being a tiger. Cares as much for her as any of his children.
May Striker Niece 15 Female Daughter to Namah and E, Doesn't interact with her much
Kellan Hedgehog Nephew N/A Male E's Son, hates the little shit :>
Adameras Striker Nephew 24 Male Seths oldest son, Hasn't interacted with him much, but thinks its great he managed to escape his father.
Number Striker Nephew 8 Male Seths youngest son, Doesn't even know he exists.


Name Relation Age Gender Notes
Seth Striker Direct Split - Evil Intent Unknown Male The first split from Geof. Seth used to be all Geof's drive to cause chaos and destruction, anger and hate balled into one tiny package though he has since done some splitting himself. They hate eachother.
GS Striker Direct Split - Cowardice Unknown Male A split created after a time of much running and hiding. Jess took a huge chunk of Geof's natural powers with him and is probably the most powerful split if not for his Flight instincts. Geof wants him dead most of all to have that part of him restored but has failed in his attempts thus far.
Aegus Striker Direct Split - Lust Unknown Male A split created under pressure by Bain. Aegus is everything Geof hates about himself and other rolled into a package that represents things that disgust him. This is one split Geof would rather not have back.
Namah Striker Indirect Split - Love and Kindness Unknown Female A split from seth. Namah is a kind and fragile thing literally unable to hate anyone. Geof likes her to an extend.
Babylon Striker Indirect Split - Confusion Unknown Female A Split from Seth. She's a walking virus and highly dangerous, haing nearly killed seth with a single bite. Geof hasn't ever met her personaly and wants to keep it that way.
Din Striker Indirect Split - Anger Unknown Male A split from Seth. Din is anger and agression and it shows in his behavior. Geof hasn't ever met him personally.
Wata Striker Indirect Split - Envy Unknown Male A split from Namah. Wata is a flamboyant pyro maniac with a jealous streak. Geof nearly killed him before he had a chance to fully manifest. They don't like eachother.
Mephisto Striker Indirect Split - Frustration Unknown Male A split from Namah. Mephisto tends to keep to himself playing guardian to some of E's splits. He's very serious and domineering. Geof has never met him personaly.


Name Age Gender Notes
David Jordan (DJ) Unknown Male Dj is one of Geof's first friends and probably the person he conciders his best male friend. They don't always get along perfectly but he's very loyal to him. Up to a point where it can cause moral conflict.
Holly Celestar Unknown Female Geof's best friend hands down. She's a fickle friend but she's always there to help him if he needs it. She also used to be in a relationship with his brother.
Derek Hedgehog Unknown Male A friend with benefits. Their relationship has been love/hate since the day they met and he's probably the only man who can get geof to take a submissive role in anything.
Ruby Unknown Female His ex wife. He never quite got over her, instinct still marking her as his mate. So he gravitates towards her a lot, inspite of the fryin pan abuse and snide comments at his expense.
Ritaw Unknown Male An old friend he hasn't spoken to much as of late. Used to hang out with him and DJ a lot.
Gwendolynn Deaderose Unknown Female Having kids togethers does create a bit of a bond. Though Bishop makes sure not to leave them alone if a room together for fear what might happen.
Mel Puralux Male Formerly Female, Geof helped him when he was stuck in a state of being half spirit and slipping into becoming a full one. He still cares in a sense.
Nails Unknown Female One of the tigers he met, think she's ok enough, though she puzzles him at times. Gets along with her fine in his own opinion.Having done the no pants dance with her helps.
Fangs 20 Female Despite her misgivings about him he thinks they're on ok enough terms. Sure he's had to put a stop to her and her friends before but that was simple self preservation, no hard feelings.
Beserker 21 Male Usualy comes attached to fangs. Seems to be the quiet dependable sort. Really he didn't pay much attention to him.


Name Age Gender Notes
Ace Din Unknown Male The crystal cults Master of Death. He kind of wants Geof dead which is good enough reason for him to be listed as an enemy.
Eon Amris Unknown Male The crystal cults leader, pretty much listed for the same reason as Ace.
Seth Striker Unknown Male See Splits
Kiara-ne 20 Female One of the echidna's he met during his little exploration of the legion base. While she proved highly entertaining he does concider her an enemy, if only because she's an echidna.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Geof is nearly blind but refuses to wear glasses. He can see peoples aura's though which allows him to see them even in the pitch black.
  • Geof is actualy brilliant, having a very high IQ. However due to the way he was raised and having a very low EQ it's really hard to notice.
  • He's easily uncomfortable in complex social situations
  • He lets females walk all over him
  • Geof was originaly based on my best friend and created because I was moving half way across the country so I could remember him by him. He was never intended to become my main character but somehow did.
  • Geof was originaly a inverted shadow. His current design was made by May the Cheetah back in 2005 and the only thing that has changed are his bangs, eyecolor and clothes.
  • TRUSTcompany - Downfall

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