Holly base
Full name Holly Celestar
Alias Devil Woman, Hol
Gender Female
Age Unknown, looks early 20's
Species Shapeshifter
Sub-Species Half Fae, Half Angel
Sexuality Sexual
Occupation Clan Leader of Celestar
Status Alive and Kicking
Allignment Neutral


Height: 5"6ft (1,70m)

Build: Lean and slender with curves in the right places

Main color: Yellowish orange

Markings: Peach and orange

Skin color: Peach

Eye style and color: Oval and half lidded and blue in color

Hair/Quil/Dread style:  two long bangs framing her face, long straight  hair

Other noticeable features: Sometimes has her angel wings out for all to see

Overall clothing style:

Usualy wears blue and cyan robes, but is known to vary colors occasionaly.


Likes   *Flirting

  • Attention
    Holly 2015 look
  • Freedom
  • Independence
  • Manipulating people


  • Nox Umbra
  • Being ignored
  • Having to take no for an answer
  • Solitude/Loneliness
  • Losing

Fav drink:

Sparkling Cider

Fav food:
Holly angel small

Sliced Marinated Duckbreast


  • Flirty
  • Sly
  • Manipulative
  • Narcistic
  • Curious
  • Controlling
  • Competative
  • Caring towards friends and family
  • Likes to play mindgames
  • Views the lives of mortals as a source of entertainment
  • Feminist
  • Confident
  • Charismatic
  • Brave
  • Stuborn

Abilities and SkillsEdit


  • Can change her mass when shapeshifting due to the aegis staff
  • High amount of energy due to being an angel
    Light 003 remake
  • Healing and Light powers
  • Insane deffense when using wings as a shield, its like hitting a diamond wall of razor sharp feathers
  • Highly Agile


  • Without the aegis staff she's restricted to her own body mass
  • She can be arrogant and easily underestimate opponents
  • Allergic to Steel and Iron, Can poison her if it comes in contact with her blood, also skin contact with it burns her


  • Born to an angel mother and fae father
  • Grew up with her mother
  • Participated in the first and second great angel/demon war
  • Became a guardian angel to a person who was suposed to do something really important for the world
  • Fell in love with that person
  • Due to this failed to protect him and had to watch him die helplessly
  • Was severely punished for failing and sent to be a sentinel to Dark Forest, a place with a high concentration of 'dark' supernaturals such as demi demons, vampires and the mirror lake that was a portal to the mirror world of the darkgod nega
  • Spent 1000 years there in complete solitude
  • Was found by Bain and coaxed into leaving her exhile
  • Found and made contact with the Celestar Fae clan of her father
  • Regained much of her confidence and arrogance during her time there
  • Met Geof on a Celestar related mission, extending the clans protection to him
  • Was selected as clan leader and given the clans artifact; The aegis staff
  • Met Dante
  • Was included in a clan project initiated by the elders to bolster their numbers
  • Donated Dna for artificialy creating a new generation
  • Fostered the resulting child; Artemis
  • Met Sarah
  • Got in a relationship with her
  • Created Eden from her DNA and Sarah's as Sarah wanted a child
  • Broke up with Sarah not long after
  • Got into a relationship with Bain
  • Joined him and geof on a few 'adventures'
  • Got Engaged to Bain
  • Had Jacen
  • Spend most of her time raising Jacen while Bain was out and about
  • Had Roya
  • Starts to get antsy about bains constant cheating and polygamous ways
  • Finally has had enough and breaks up with him, taking custody of the kids
  • Helps Sychar and GS by linking them together, making GS hunt for Sychar whenever he goes mr hyde to ensure no innocents are harmed
  • Goes about her merry business enjoy life as her own person, refusing to be tied down by anyone or anything, becoming even more narcistic
  • Helps free Sychar from limbo, noticing he's developed a split personality; red
  • Begins using sychar and GS's relationship as a source of entertainment
  • Starts to get annoyed when Red doesn't play nice
  • Tries to 'control' red
  • Meets Killance
  • Yay bedwarmer
  • Eventualy red steals some of her blood and goes to seth,is given his own body and holly's powers, thinking it'll put him at an equal level with her
  • Is told she's responsible for red since its her blood that gave him the shapeshifting powers of her clan
  • Obviously pissed off about this and goes about making reds life hell
  • A wild MAIA appears
  • Plots bloody murder
  • MAIA falls
  • Pretty much been doing her own thing involving many many things that break PG-13
  • Recently gotten involved in closing portals to the mirror world

Character RelationshipsEdit


Name Relation Age Gender Notes
Artemis Celestar Son 36 Male Artificially created from Holly and Dante's DNA to serve as an improved new generation. Holly's 'first child' She raised him. Has a good relationship with him.
Eden Celestar Daughter 34 Female Her second child and also artificialy created. Doesn't have any contact with her due to Sarah taking custody
Jacen Celestar Son 23 Male Her first naturally born child. He's a bit of a momma's boy and has learned all her manipulative skills. They often have wit skirmishes.
Roya Celestar Daughter 16 Female Her youngest child. Her relationship with her is ok enough, though she's slightly exhasperated by her daughters teenage phase.
Amaranth Grandfather Unknown Male High Seraph. Holly hasn't met him much or talked to him much. But she respects him and when she was younger idolised him.
Dante Saphin Cousin Unknown Male Dante and Holly are quite close. He's more like a brother to her then a cousin. Though there's often times where she'll actively try to give him a concusion he always has her back and she has his.


Name Age Gender Notes
Geof Striker Unknown Male Her best friend. Enjoys pissing him off and teasing him. Knows she can count on him in a pinch and would trust him with her life
Bain Striker Unknown Male Despite having broken up with him, she still conciders him a friend. Though doesn't interact with him much outside of family barbeques. Usualy making sure Geof is around as well.
Sychar Unknown Male A slightly jittery and over polite angel. She suposes she pitties him a little and hands out the occasional boon to him. She finds his struggles to get through daily life very amusing though.
Red Unknown Male Not really a friend and not really an enemy. There's a bit of a hate/love thing going on. Or rather, she loves to hate him and wont skip on a chance to prove her dominance and superiority over him.
GS Striker Unknown Male Geof's cowardice. She took an interest in him with he got together with Sychar and has been extending boons to him as well, keeping Geof off his back.
Killance Unknown Male Holly's current bedwarmer. They have a deal that functions like a very open relationship. Killance is a nice steady certainty in her life right now with no strings attached and she's enjoying his companionship
Klepturo Unknown Male The god of water. Holly can often be found hanging around him or baby sitting his son Flood. Its one job that certainly has a few perks. Gods have some great boons to hand out.
Nails Unknown Female Pretty much Holly's only female friend. She's not sure what it is that allows them to get along. Perhaps its because Nails has been a victim and she wants to help her serve some just desserts to the man who hurt her


Name Age Gender Notes
MAIA N/A N/A An orginisation bent on supernatural genocide. Holly is of the opinion that their high officials should find a swift and premature death and is certainly trying to arrange for it.
Reaper Nox Umbra Unknown Male The current leader of Nox umbra. They don't get along very well and 9/10 times when they meet it will come to blows. Mostly because holly can't resist snarking at him
The Crystal Cult N/A N/A Nothing personal, but if you mess with Holly's friends, she'll mess with you. Ok so maybe its a little personal. She'll happily bash a few cultist skulls any day.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Holly started out as a self insert
  • She still visits the mansion she was exhiled in at Dark Forest
  • Holly is almost 4000 years old and because of her age its impossible for her to relate to mortals propperly, causing her to look at them like they might look at a bee or an ant.
  • Holly has a very hard time befriending other females due to her competative nature. She's a real bitch to anyone she deems to be competition.and has a hard time getting herself over it
  • Goldfish - Woman's A Devil

    Goldfish - Woman's A Devil