Seth 2015
Full name Seth Striker
Alias Snake, Creep
Gender Male
Age Concidered the same as Geof
Species Hedgehog
Sub-Species Split - Evil Intent
Sexuality Homosexal
Occupation Mad Scientist, COBRA leader
Status Alive
Allignment Lawful Evil


Height: 3"ft

Build: Non descript

Main color: Black

Markings: Orange streak along his quills, tipping his bangs and framing his eyes

Skin color: Tan

Eye style and color: Disturbingly spiralled irisses commonly associated with COBRA members and experiments. Orange in color

Hair/Quil/Dread style: Six long quills arching smoothly and slightly swept forward. Long slightly messy bangs

Other noticeable features: None

Overall clothing style: Usualy wears orange snake ornaments which can come to life and strike at people with venomous bite. One has lethal poison, the other has a fluid that makes the victim incapable of using powers for a while. Usualy wears coats.



  • Sweets
  • Experimenting
  • People that are taller then him
  • Pushing peoples buttons
  • Science


  • Most Females
  • Echidna's in general
  • 'Morals'
  • Cybernetics and Androids
  • Being disturbed in the middle of his experiments
  • Being interupted mid monolougue

Fav drink:

Hot chocolate, made with milk to mak it nice and creamy~

Fav food:

Chocolate Brownies


  • Sadistic
  • Sly
  • Manipulative
  • Genius (in his own right)
  • Sociopath
  • Mildly Masochistic
  • Even tempered for the most part(used to have a hair trigger temper untill he split of Din)
  • Needy
  • Social
  • Sarcastic
  • Snarky
  • Has a distinct lack of moral compass

Abilities and SkillsEdit


  • Excellent swordsman
  • Resourceful
  • doesn't fight fair
  • Shadow magic
  • Rarely alone


  • Sustained temperatures below 10C send him into suspended animation
  • cold temperatures in general make him sluggish
  • Not used to fighting his own battles
  • Over Confident


  • First of the splits
  • The result of geof trying to conform to everyones else wishes
  • Was 'born' without any power of his own
  • Despite that tried to cause as much pain and death as he could
  • Finally subsided and started to become his own person, finding that while he did not have the same power as his original posessed, he had a far more dangerous weapon; His mind
  • Started to try and level the playing field by giving himself the same powers as Geof, starting to experiment on people.
  • Finds an outlet for his destructive nature in his experiments
  • Starts researching the darkling virus and the chaotic eye syndrome
  • Gets close to E as a result
  • Develops feelings of love for him
  • Percieves these feelings as a weakness and is both confused and disgusted with himself
  • Splits of said feelings giving birth to Namah
  • Nearly kills namah in an anger tantrum also ending his friendship with E turning them into enemies
  • Entertains the notion of having a heir, creates Adam
  • Conciders Adam a failure
  • Adam eventualy escapes
  • Meets Terra and forms COBRA
  • Gets involved with split
  • Confused about his feelings for him since he can't feel love anymore
  • Spits of Babylon who becomes a physical manifestation of a virus he was working on and integrating into his system
  • Is bitten by babylon and infected with a violent mutated form of the darkling virus he was experimenting with
  • Desperately seeks to create a cure kept lucid by one of Splits control collars
  • Tests the cure on himself prematurely, curing the virus but liquidising his internal organs
  • Is rushed to Jeff by Split and given internal Cybernetics
  • Spends a long time mentally recovering from that
  • Has a falling out with Terra, their relation becoming uneasy
  • Is caught by Ash who tries to forcefeed him his and terra's offspring which he had not known about untill then,
  • Splits of Din in his anger, who disables Ash.
  • Oh Hey its a number
  • Eventualy patches things up with terra
  • The Infection Arc
  • Mara-ne and Brick join the party
  • Fangs and Beserker steal the experimental split serum to free nails from fangs body
  • They get caught doing it
  • Comes up with an eleborate plan to kill the tigers as well as their legion friends and some of his own enemies.
  • The plan fails and the tigers walk free
  • Nearly delivered to Eon by the tigers
  • Terra steals number back from the echidna's
  • Shit fest happens when the echidna's and their allies try to reclaim him

Character RelationshipsEdit


Name Relation Age Gender Notes
Adameras Striker Son 21 Male Seth see's  Adam as a failure and he never exactly won father of the year award. Adam goes out of his way to put a stop to whatever Seth is up to at the time. Seth believes some just desserts are well over due
Number(15122012) Son 16(?) Male A child between him and terra. Experimented on by both. Number is a non threat to seth and he quite enjoys the power he has over the boy and isn't afraid to exert it.
Jacen Celestar Nephew 23 Male Holly made sure they never met
Roya Celestar Niece 17 Female Never met her
Obsidian Striker Nephew 36 Male Greatly dislikes him and knows better then to ignore threats made by him. Obsidian usualy sents him packing when he discovers him in his 'territory'.
Opal Striker Niece 36 Female Obsidians twin sister and a flighty twit in Seth's opinion.
Seiji Striker Nephew 23 Male Seiji usualy accompanies obsidian and as such gets equal annoyance and caution.
Fente Striker Niece 23 Female Never got to talk to her much and doesn't have contact with her now, but he liked her attitude
Mikki Striker Niece 18 Female Again a flighty twit
Gibson Striker Nephew N/A Male Never met, lives in Namah's care
Cane Striker Nephew N/A Male Never met, lives in Namah's care
Fey Deaderose Niece N/A Female Never met, lives in Will's care
Layla Deaderose Niece N/A Female Never met, lives in Will's care
Quill Striker Niece 0 Female Daughter of Geof and Nails, not yet born
May Striker Niece 15 Female Daughter to Namah and E, never really met her but she's undoubtably a little shit
Kellan Hedgehog Nephew N/A Male E's Son, A little shit but hey he has his uses


Name Relation Age Gender Notes
Geof Striker Original Unknown Male The one he split off from. Seth dislikes him greatly and the feeling is entirely mutual
GS Striker Cowardice Unknown Male A split created after a time of much running and hiding. Jess took a huge chunk of Geof's natural powers with him and is probably the most powerful split if not for his Flight instincts.Seth doesn't interact with Jess much, they tend to avoid each other.
Aegus Striker Lust Unknown Male A split created under pressure by Bain. Aegus is everything Geof hates about himself and other rolled into a package that represents things that disgust him. Seth finds Aegs ability to control the other splits and to shapeshift extremely usefull
Namah Striker Direct Split - Love and Kindness Unknown Female A split from seth. Namah is a kind and fragile thing literally unable to hate anyone. Seth loathes her with a passion and wouldn't mind seeing her suffer or killed.
Babylon Striker Direct Split - Confusion Unknown Female A Split from Seth. She's a walking virus and highly dangerous, having nearly killed seth with a single bite. That said, Seth wants to avoid her at all costs.She creeps him the fuck out.
Din Striker Direct Split - Anger Unknown Male A split from Seth. Din is anger and agression and it shows in his behavior. Seth finds him extremely useful as a henchman
Wata Striker Indirect Split - Envy Unknown Male A split from Namah. Wata is a flamboyant pyro maniac with a jealous streak. Seth and Wata hate each other mostly because of the bitter rivalry between Seth and Hades, the latter of whom is Wata's boyfriend
Mephisto Striker Indirect Split - Frustration Unknown Male A split from Namah. Mephisto tends to keep to himself playing guardian to some of E's splits. He's very serious and domineering. Seth has never met him personaly.


Name Age Gender Notes
Terra Dunia 29 Female Terra is Seth's best friend and right hand woman. He can't really imagine life without her and her antics . He trusts her with his life despite the fact that she's emotionally completely unstable. Has a brother/ sister type relation with her in a sense.
Split Hedgehog Concidered the same as DJ Male Friends with benefits is probably the closest thing you can describe their relationship as. They're usualy found in the near viccinity of eachother, helping eachother out. They share their opinion on women, which is generaly low. Seth knows how to push his butons and thorougly enjoys doing so and what it leads to.
Hunter 23 Male One of Seths succesful experiments. Ferral minded and not the brightest, he's COBRA's loyal guard dog.
Thanatos Unknown Male Another one of seths experiments and one of COBRA's heavy hitters.A monsterous creature that can attack both short and long range with devastating effect.
Ash N/A Male(sorta) Seth is still war of Ash even though he's been reprogrammed and no longer wants to hurt and kill him. Ash is in charge of keeping Seth's experiments alive, but is quite capable of combat.
Wave N/A Female(sorta) One of Terra's androids. Wave usualy keeps his ass safe. She's another one of COBRA'S Offense heavy hitters and can usualy make people choke to death on fluids.
Mara-ne ??? Female A former legionaire. Mara seeks the destruction of the remainder of the legion. Something Seth is quite happy to assist with despite her being an echidna. He takes her jibes with grace, but Mara had better watch her step because the legion isn't the only echidna's Seth would like to see dead.
Brick ??? Male Sort of came attached to Mara


Name Age Gender Notes
Hades Concidered the same as DJ Male They used to be allies untill Seth kind of stabbed him in the back.Though hades state of mind has regressed to a ferral point and Seth no longer perceives him as a threat but as a pawn to be used.
E Concidered the same as DJ Male Went from friend to enemy the day seth nearly killed namah. Mostly holds a grudge over namah being picked over him.
Eon Amris Unknown Male The leader of the crystal cult. After his fear crystal. Seth would preffer to avoid him at all cost.
Sehkmeth Amris/Din 16 Female Tried to hand him over to Eon along with the Tigers. Not happy about that. Hopes she never shows her face again.
Nails Looks mid 20s Female Once delighted with her curiousity for his work, her actions after the tigers escape have  forever marked her an enemy. Weird isn't it? he really didn't like being being pounced and being a victim of attempted kidnapping.
Fangs 20 Female A very annoying tiger who's just one big glutton for punishment. Seth thinks she's an idiot and while he hopes he's seen the last of her, knowing she's eager to bash her head against the same rock over and over makes that an idle one.
Beserker 21 Male Pities him and thinks him a fool for being fangs bf. Usualy is a pakage deal with fangs
Mary-Ka 23 Female the echidna chapters grand master. Didn't like her and her consorts twarting his plans to getting rid of the all through his virus.

misceleneous InformationEdit

  • Has a thing for sizeplay
  • Has a sweet tooth
  • Concidering trying to raise another child.
  • Has some nasty plans in store for Mara-ne.

Tom Lehrer - Poisoning Pigeons In The Park

Tom Lehrer - Poisoning Pigeons In The Park