Toxic 2015
Full name Toxic Vermonde
Alias Toxic, Tox,Fluffy, Fluffbutt
Gender Male
Age 34(looks mid twenties)
Species Raccoon
Sub-Species -
Sexuality Bi-sexual with a preference for women
Occupation Terrorist / Henchman / Mechanic
Status Alive
Allignment Evil


Height: 3'8 ft

Build: Lean with light muscletone

Main color: Black

Markings: Bright Neon Green

Skin color: White

Eye style and color: Angled and bright neon yellow in color

Hair/Quil/Dread style: Short in the neck and long bangs covering one eye. All dipped in bright neon green

Other noticeable features:

Invisible seals hidden under his fur keeping his powers from manifesting themselves. They light up when his powers threaten to break free

Overall clothing style:

A little cyber goth-ish. However has been know to crossdress on occasion to mess with people or just because he can



  • Attention
  • Loud Bangs
  • Not being poor
  • Adrenaline
  • Getting on peoples nerves


  • White (he deserves a spot of honor on the dislike list)
  • Being anonymous
  • Powers
  • Being Alone
  • Alcohol

Fav drink:

Cherry Coke

Fav food:

Anything thats edible will do


  • Loud
  • Flamboyant
  • Drama Queen
  • Loves to push peoples buttons
  • Doesn't know when to quit
  • Crafty
  • Loyal
  • Family orientated
  • Bold
  • Can be kind of an ass
  • Charming
  • Flirty

Abilities and SkillsEdit


  • Usualy has a network of traps set up
  • Has a large arsenal of explosives and gas traps


  • Unable to use his powers
  • Spends too much time gloating and provoking people when he should be getting the hell out of places


  • Was born to Julia Vermonde, Back then a young 19 year old who fell in love with the wrong man and ended up being a single mom
  • Was raised in poverty, his mother taking to alcohol as her escape
  • Was barely kept fed and in poor condition, being blamed by his mother for ruining her life and having to take the constant abuse from her string of boyfriends
  • Powers start to manifest and people around start to get sick and dying, his mother somehow immune but this doesn't help her feel any more fondly of her child
  • After a huge fight with her when he's 8, decides its better to live on the streets, getting yelled at that he's just like his father, running away.
  • Decides to find that father, since he's the one he got his powers from and why he's a 'freak'. Also blaming him for how bad his life has been.
  • Finds him and is only angered further when his father turns out to live in a very nice mansion in the suburbs
  • Yells at him and generally vents his anger on the aging raccoon
  • His father agrees to surpress his power, keeping them from manifesting themselves
  • Sets off on his own, refusing to take anything his father offers and never wanting to have anything to do with him again.
  • Runs into Mel who looks about as misrable as he feels
  • The two band together, scraping out a living.
  • Starts pickpocketing to make a bit of a living
  • Is caught at it a few times and had to be bailed out by mel.
  • Mel starts to date all the wrong people and after a particularly bad break up his comforting her turns into something more
  • As a result becomes a father at age 16.
  • They put the baby up for adoption as they are hardly in any position to take care of it.
  • Starts to make explosives, getting more into the hired henchman kind of gig to make his money since it pays better then being a petty thief
  • Soon manages to buy himself a harley
  • Soon makes a name for himself and becomes more of a terrorist, blowing up buildings and taking out targets for the right price, Getting very good at evading the police in the underground sewers
  • Still lives in dingy out of the way motels though.
  • Meets darkness, Slade and the rest
  • Finds himself pushed into the roll of anti hero and is generally frustrated with their antics of seeing him as some sort of hero
  • Darkness moves in with him and mel for a while but eventualy they all go their seperate ways
  • Apparently Mel has a one night stand thing with Ace and has Jayden.
  • Reluctant to admit to himself he's a little jealous
  • Gets mixed up in the shit fest of the cult when Mel and him and kidnapped together to be turned into crystals.
  • They are saved but not before mel already has been in the ritual and starts to slip into becoming a crystal spirit
  • Comes across a little raccoon boy that looks a lot like him
  • Realises its the baby him and Mel put up for adoption.
  • Is too embarrassed to tell him that he's his father, afraid he'll hate him.Telling him he's his brother and taking him in.
  • Jayden decides to be a dick and tells Acid who he really is
  • Has to admit Jayden is right and eventually is forgiven for lying by Acid
  • Acid is kidnapped by Ace with help of Jayden
  • Is pretty much forced by Ace to come with him willingly to keep Acid safe
  • Is tormented and tortured by Ace a lot. Mainly sexually
  • Learns that Acid has been taken away by his father but he's left there to rot
  • Decides to go out with a bang and attempt to take Ace with him, having been chafing at his fathers seals
  • Big nuclear explosion ensues nearly taking Ace out with him
  • Is revived by klepturo
  • Is still a bit shaken by the whole ordeal though
  • Is forced to admit to mel that he was feelings for her.
  • Get Acid back from Pestilence
  • Mel is killed by Jayden
  • They revive mel but temporal is in control
  • Temporal splits mel of as a male
  • Highly conflicted since he rather believed himself straight... but still attracted to Mel
  • Takes up a job as a mechanic to live nicely low profile and keep his little happy family from being targetted by anyone
  • Rogue and Acid are assaulted by pedophiles
  • Kills them rather nastily but is worried sick about Acid
  • Concern only grows as Acid ages
  • Makes Acid go to college even though Acid is reluctant about it
  • Can't help himself and ends up picking up the odd job as a henchman
  • Runs into Mister White quite a few times , with White actively trying to fill him with lead
  • Has a run in with White while Acid is with him and gets both scared shitless and pissed as all hell when White threatens Acid
  • Plots a few surprises for white but never really implements them
  • Mirror!Toxic kidnaps Acid
  • Is led straight to him by Mirror sending him thoughts, turn out he'd been poking and prodding him for a while now into making stupid decisions in the hope he'd get himself killed
  • Nearly gets shot through the head by mirror as he enters the building if not for mel stopping time
  • A fight ensues during which the two combatants merge together
  • Promptly gets a double whammy of power that breaks the seal and nearly kills Mel
  • But hurray Pestilence is here to save the day
  • Has mirrors memories and all the things mirror has done to other and acid haunts him
  • Gets called in to the Paladin headquarters because pestilence is dying
  • The old man apolagises and makes him forgive him
  • Its just not fair..
  • generally mopey and depressed because its hard separating his own from mirrors memories.

Family and Relations Edit

Character RelationshipsEdit


Name Relation Age Gender Notes
Pestilence Vorpeal Father Deceased Male Hated his father with a passion but had to forgive him in the end. Has to admit he helped Acid a lot
Julia Vermonde Mother 51 Female Greatly dislikes her for treating him like an unwanted stray dog, Still wants to see how she's doing these days though since he can't completely blame her
Lillian Jones Half-Sister 16 Female Never met her
Acid Vermonde Son 17 Male His first and to his knowledge only child. Would give the world to him if he could but currently afraid to even touch him right now
Horus Din 'technicaly' Son appears early 20's Male A child resulting from Ace's spell backfiring on him. Doesn't know he exists
Sehkmet Amris/Din 'technicaly' Daughter Appears early 20's Female A child resulting from Ace's spell backfiring on him. Doesn't know she exists


Name Age Gender Notes
Melody 'Mel' Puralux 36 Male His first real friend and the person he grew up with. Had a brother/sister relationship with him as they grew up but it became something more to him after they had Acid. Can't imagine life without him
Nathan 'Darkness' Archimedes ? Male One of his other friends and Mels fellow Emo sulker. Was room mates with him for a while. Hasn't been quite as close to him after the ace incident


Name Age Gender Notes
Ace Din Unknown Male If being kidnapped and tortured by him wasn't enough reason, his twisting mels child and his maltreatment of Mel certainly are
Eon Amris Unknown Male Sort of comes attached to Ace, package deal type thing
Mister White ? Male Pompeous Arrogant Wang extraordinair. Doesn't know if he want's to make fun of him and push his buttons or just wants to neuter him with a blunt knife.. maybe a mix of both. Is also kind of scared of him after he threatened Acid

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Was created back in 2010 when I was getting back in the sonic thing
  • Never intended as a main character but became one through extensive use of him on SRN
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